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  1. King's Indian Attack - Play the French | Francisco Vallejo eBook | chesscom
  2. King's Indian "Attack" as white; Does anyone else play it?
  3. Starting Out: King's Indian Attack

Read "Starting Out: King's Indian Attack" by John Emms available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The King's Indian Attack. Starting Out: Queen's Gambit Declined. Starting Out: The Dutch Defence The King's Indian Attack (or KIA) is a flexible opening system that can be employed by . Starting Out - The King's Indian [Joe Gallagher, ].pdf - Download as PDF File Ken Smith and John Hall - Modern Art of Attack - The Era of Tal, Fischer and.

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Starting Out Kings Indian Attack Pdf

NEIL MCDONALD - THE KING'S INDIAN ATTACK MOVE BY Starting Out: Queen's Gambit Declined Starting Out: The Dutch Defence The King's Indian Attack (or KIA) is a flexible opening system that can be employed by. The king's Indian Attack is not, strictly speaking an opening, but a path for White to follow regardless of Black's opening moves. in hand-to-hand combat; the second is an all out assault on the enemy King. Fewer than 40% start with 1. Starting Out - King's Indian Attack [John Emms] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The King's Indian Attack was a firm favorite of the.

Your way to win It can be used against different Black openings such as the Sicilian Defence 1. See this solid setup of the black pieces above that gives Black a comfortable game, because the power of the white bishop-g2 is reduced by the black pawn structure d5,c6. You can say the white bishop bites on granite. Black should play h6 to be able to retreat with the bishop to h7, when it gets attacked. Black should start counterplay at the queenside. When you have started with 1. Or just play a different move order and begin with 1. Nf3, or even 1. This closed system is very flexible and is suitable for strategic players who prefer to accumulate small positional advantages over time. But don't be mislead by its name as this opening is not necessarily an attack.

But you do need to know a few trappy lines for both sides. One could try The King's Indian Attack: Forums Chess Openings. Dec 21, 1. Is it also good against Dec 21, 2. Or the OrangutanKid? Or BlackLionKid? Dec 21, 3. Dude, just play a Scotch afteer Dec 21, 4. Dec 21, 5. Cave Man right.

Not for me. Dec 23, 6. Dec 23, 7. Dec 23, 8. Dec 23, 9.

Either 1. Dec 24, Here is a review of three other books in the series: Dec 25, Any good Books on KIA? I dont know if it was move by move or Starting out. I think it was the latter.

King's Indian Attack - Play the French | Francisco Vallejo eBook | chesscom

Starting Out: King's Indian Attack by John Emms https: Move by Move by Neil McDonald https: Okay, it was Neil McDonald. Dec 26, It's just you.. And 30 'lashes' for even thinking, that was, worthwhile, to post!

By the way, some four knights books discuss 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 g3. Log In or Join. Hot Topics.

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King's Indian "Attack" as white; Does anyone else play it?

Fall for a trap, report for "cheating"? How do we stop verbal abuse on this site? Justs 1 hr ago. Andrey45Sh 1 hr ago. Nf3 is the most flexible way to get into the King's Indian Attack, but far from the most common. The KIA is often used by strong players to shore up their own opening repertoires by avoiding variations they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.

For example, a player who likes to play the King's Gambit 1. This chameleon-like flexibility is especially valuable when you are facing a know French 1. White hopes black will either play into his 1.

The most famous example of the strategy was American World Champion Bobby Fischer's insistence that the KIA was especially favorable against the Sicilian after black commits to an early e6. Now we will look at white's options dealing with some major defenses to 1. The French 1. Nd2 The French is one of black's most popular responses to 1.

Rather than tangle with French specialists on their home turf, many white player are opting for the KIA. In fact the KIA is reached more often via transposition from the French than from any other order. Refraining from d4 leaves white with less space and more flexibility.

More importunately, perhaps, white is the specialist in this position, frustrating black opponents who thrive on standard French fare. Also a plus is the pawn at e6 incarcerating black's c8-bishop.

Starting Out: King's Indian Attack

The Sicilian 1. He believed that the opening is good for black if the c8-bishop is free to go to f5 or g4. The numbers seem to bear him out.

This is not a sufficient reason to forego the conveniences of the KIA altogether, but it is a compelling incentive to invest more time in these variations before playing them over the board. Fischer's ideal position, often merging by transposition with variations from the French.

Of course, there is much to be said for being better prepared than your opponent is, and for the amateur specialist, that is the goal with the KIA. Play it but the moral is to "Do Your Homework!


And always remember this adage, "After all is said and done, much is said and little is done" So to succeed. The Caro-Kann 1. The Caro-Kann is the third single most common way to enter the King's Indian Attack, three times as frequent as the most popular 1.

When black plays coy and also refrains from play in the center, white scores well, when say there is a crouching Queen's Indian formation, black biding his time in the center and developing his pieces. Summary In general, Fischer seems to be correct. White scores very well in variations where black plays it coy in the center or locks his bishop in at c8 with an early e6.

Black can hold his own with and early Bg4 or Bf 5 But it's important to remember that statistics don't play chess.

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