Peugeot Hatchback & Estate/SW models, including special/limited editions A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Haynes. View and Download PEUGEOT owner's manual online. Automobile pdf manual download. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Peugeot

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    Peugeot 307 Handbook Pdf

    Download free pdf user manual, owner guide for Peugeot brand. Peugeot user manual download: Peugeot · Peugeot · Peugeot 1/ - Peugeot Owners Manual PDF Download. Peugeot - Owner's Manual ( pages). Posted on 2 Aug, by Fedor. Model: Peugeot File size: MB.

    Unlocking of the doors and boot. Opening of the tailgate. Remote control key A. Boot 1. Opening of the fuel iller lap.

    Removable front armrest. Storage drawer. Heated seat control. Never drive with the head re-straints removed. Forwards-backwards adjustment. Driver or passenger seat height adjustment. Seat back angle adjustment. Aircraft type table. When parking, the mirrors can be folded electrically, by pulling the con-trol A rearwards, or automatically on locking the vehicle using the remote control or the key. Selection of the day position of the mirror.

    Directing of the mirror. Height adjustment. I Intermittent wipe. AUTO Automatic wiping or single wipe. Wash-wipe: pull the control towards you. Ring A: front and rear lights Lights off. Automatic switching on of the lights. Side lights. Rear fog lamp. Front and rear fog lamps. Ring B: fog lamps or Ring B: rear wiper Park.

    Intermittent wipe. If the ignition has been off for more than approximately one minute, the automatic switching on of the lights must be reactivated. When the ignition is on, the nee-dle should indicate the level of fuel remaining.

    When the engine is running, the associated low level warning light should switch off. If the levels are not correct, top up as necessary. When the ignition is on, the orange and red warning lights come on. When the engine is running, these warning lights should switch off. If warning lights remain on, refer to the page concerned.

    Deactivation of the interior protection alarm. Central locking. Insertion of the key. Selection of the position: OFF disarming , with rear facing child seat, ON activation , with front passenger or forward facing child seat. Removal of the key keeping the switch in this position. When the ignition is on, the warning light comes on if the driver has not fastened his seat belt. When the engine is running with the doors closed, the warning light switches off automatically after 30 seconds.

    Stop position. Ignition position. Starting position. Decreasing of the programmed value. Increasing of the programmed value. The values must be set with the en-gine running.

    PEUGEOT 307 Owner's Manual

    SPORT button. SNOW button. Position selection gate Move the lever in the gate to select a position. Once a position has been selected, the corresponding indicator light is displayed on the instrument panel screen. Switching on. R: Reverse. N: Neutral. D: Drive. M: Manual mode. S: Sport programme. Moving off With the handbrake applied, select position P or N. Switch on the ignition. With the engine running, in position P or N , with your foot on the brake pedal, release the handbrake. Select position R , D or M.

    Gradually release the brake pedal; the vehicle moves off immediately. Rev counter. Coolant temperature indicator. Low fuel level warning light. Fuel gauge.

    Trip recorder zero reset button. Lighting rheostat button. Left-hand direction indicator.

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    Central STOP warning light. Right-hand direction indicator. Service warning light. Handbrake, brake luid level and electronic brake force distribution warning light.

    Anti-lock braking system ABS warning light. Driver's seat belt not fastened warning light. Emission control system warning light.

    Air bags warning light. Dipped beam headlamps indica-tor light. Main beam headlamps indicator light. Front fog lamps indicator light. Rear fog lamp indicator light.

    Diesel engine preheating light. Engine oil temperature indicator. Diesel engine pre-heat indicator light. Snow programme indicator light. Sport programme indicator light. Gear lever position indicator. Some warning lights may be linked to buzzers and a message on the multifunction dis-play. If the Central STOP warning light comes on when you are driving, stop immediately where it is safe to do so.

    Central STOP warning light This light comes on for a few seconds each time the ignition is switched on. Stop immediately if it lashes with the engine running. It also comes on in the event of a puncture, accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multi-function display locating the wheel concerned. Service warning light This light comes on for a few seconds each time the ignition is switched on. During regeneration of the par-ticle emission ilter, relay noise may be heard from underneath the fascia.

    Risk of damage to the injection system. Stop immediately. Warning: wait for the engine to cool before topping up the level. The cooling system is pressu-rised. In order to avoid any risk of scal-ding, unscrew the cap by two turns to allow the pressure to drop. When the pressure has dropped, remove the cap and top up the level. If the light remains on or comes on when the engine is running and the vehicle is moving, it is accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multifunction display; contact a PEUGEOT dealer.

    When the engine is running and the vehicle is moving, it lashes if the system is activated. It is lit continuously when the system is disarmed. Emission control system warning light This comes on each time the ignition is switched on. It should switch off a few seconds af-ter the engine is started. If the light comes on when the en-gine is running,accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multifunction display,this indicates a malfunction of the emission control system.

    Handbrake, low brake luid level and electronic brake force distribution fault warning light Linked to the central STOP warning light. This comes on for a few seconds each time the ignition is switched on. Illumination of this light is accompa-nied by an audible signal and a mes-sage on the multifunction display indicating: - that the handbrake is applied or has not been released correctly, - an excessive drop in the brake luid level if the light remains on even with the handbrake re-leased , - a malfunction of the electronic brake force distribution, if linked to the ABS warning light.

    Stop immediately in the last two cases. Anti-lock braking system ABS warning light This light comes on for a few seconds each time the ignition is switched on. However, the vehicle retains conven-tional servo-assisted braking. Illumination of this light is accompa-nied by an audible signal and a mes-sage on the multifunction display. With the engine running and the doors closed, the light switches off automatically after 30 seconds.

    Once these two minutes have elapsed, the light remains on until the driver fastens his seat belt. If it comes on with the engine run-ning, it is accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multi-function display. According to country, this warning light may be replaced by the service warning light. It can indicate: - faulty operation of the charging circuit, - loose battery or starter terminals, - a cut or slack alternator belt, - an alternator fault.

    Low fuel level warning light This comes on for a few seconds each time the ignition is switched on. When this light comes on with the en-gine running, it is accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multifunction display.

    When the warning light comes on, you have enough fuel left to drive approxi-mately 30 miles 50 km. The tank capacity is approximately 60 litres. Diesel pre-heat light This comes on for a few seconds each time the igni-tion is switched on. Wait until it goes out before trying the starter. If there is a lack of oil in the lubrica-tion circuit, top up the level.

    When the engine is running, the en-gine oil pressure warning message is accompanied by an audible signal. Air bag warning light This comes on for a few seconds each time the igni-tion is switched on. Illumination of this warning light, with the engine running, is accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multifunction display indicat-ing: - a fault in the front air bags, or - a fault in the side air bags or cur-tain air bags. If the passenger air bag is disarmed, the indicator light remains on.

    When the needle is in zone B , the temperature is too high. The central STOP warning light lashes, accom-panied by an audible signal and a message on the multifunction dis-play. You must stop immediately. The cooling system is pressurised.

    In order to avoid any risk of scalding, unscrew the cap two turns to allow the pressure to drop. When the pressure has dropped, re-move the cap and top up the level. Coolant temperature indicator When the engine is running, this indi-cates the temperature of the oil. The temperature is too high if the maximum graduation is reached. This comes on when the SNOW programme on the automatic gearbox is selected. Automatic gearbox indicator lights SNOW indicator light This is displayed if a gear is not engaged correctly selector between two posi-tions.

    SPORT indicator light Invalid value during manual operation After switching on the ignition, three functions are shown in succession: - service indicator, - engine oil level indicator, - total distance recorder total and trip distances.

    Note : the total and trip distances are displayed for 30 seconds when the ignition is switched off, on opening the driver's door, as well as on lock-ing and unlocking the vehicle. It also displays the information relat-ing to the cruise control or speed lim-iter, when either of these is activated see corresponding section.

    Service indicator This indicates when the next service is due in accordance with the manu-facturer's servicing schedule. The point at which the next service is due is calculated from the last indi-cator zero reset see corresponding section. It is determined by two pa-rameters: - the distance travelled, - the time which has elapsed since the last service. Note: the distance remaining before the next service may be weighted by the time factor, depending on the us-er's driving habits.

    Operation For 5 seconds after the ignition is switched on, the spanner symbolis-ing the servicing operations comes on; the distance recorder display in-dicates the number of miles [kilome-tres] rounded off remaining until the next service.

    The display begins a countdown. Important: after this operation, if you wish to disconnect the battery, lock the vehicle and wait for at least ive minutes, otherwise the zero re-set will not be registered.

    The service is overdue. The spanner lashes for 5 seconds after the ignition is switched on. For 5 seconds after the ignition is switched on, the display indicates: 5 seconds after the ignition was switched on, the distance recorder resumes its normal operation and the spanner remains lit.

    The display indi-cates the total and trip distance. Note: the spanner may also come on if more than two years have elapsed since the last service. The distance remaining to the next service is less than miles 1, km. Example: miles km remain before the next service. It indicates that a service must be carried out soon. When the lighting reaches the minimum or maximum setting, release the button then press it again to increase or re-duce the brightness.

    As soon as the lighting is of the re-quired brightness, release the button. With the ignition on, press the button until the zeros appear. Pressing the button enables you to alternate between the distance re-corder and cruise control or speed limiter displays, when either of these is activated.

    Engine oil level indicator When the ignition is switched on, the engine oil level is indicated for a few seconds, after the service informa-tion.

    Oil level correct Oil level gauge fault Flashing of OIL -- indicates a malfunc-tion of the engine oil level gauge. The level read will only be correct if the vehicle is on level ground and the engine has been off for more than 15 minutes. Flashing of OIL , linked with the serv-ice warning light, accompanied by an audible signal and a message on the multifunction display, indicates a lack of oil which could damage the engine. If the lack of oil is conirmed by a check using the dipstick, it is essen-tial that the level is topped up.

    Lack of oil Dipstick There are 2 marks on the dipstick: - never exceed level A, - in position B, top up the level via the oil iller cap, using the type of oil suit-ed to your engine.

    The trip computer data is the following: System which provides current infor-mation concerning the route travelled range, consumption, Monochrome display A Zero reset Data displays - the range, - the current consumption, - the distance travelled, - the average consumption, - the average speed. Routes 1 and 2 are independent but their use is identical.

    Route 1 permits, for example, daily calculations, and route 2 monthly calculations. It is either calculated instantly by the navigation system if guidance is activated, or entered by the user. If the distance is not entered, dashes are displayed in place of the digits.

    Range km or miles This indicates the number of miles or kilometres which can still be travelled with the fuel remaining in the tank in relation to the average consumption over the last few miles kilometres travelled. Distance travelled km or miles This indicates the dis-tance travelled since the last trip computer zero reset. A few definitions… When the range falls below 20 miles 30 km , dashes are displayed.

    After illing with at least 5 litres of fuel, the range is recalculated and is displayed when it exceeds 60 miles km. With instant online quotes and mechanics that come to you - start your booking now. Peugeot hdi: headlights come on when indicating? Get a free gearbox oil change quote online today at ClickMechanic.

    Am I right in thinking that it no longer has one on the later models and that you fill it from the breather? Where is the breather? An ATF level check when transmission oil temperature is too low results in overfilling, when too high results in underfilling. Not intentional.

    Peugeot user manual pdf free download

    We have a complete line for most import manufactures here we offer information and parts to repair the following Peugeot model's , , and the automatic transmission problems. Pull the lever towards the - sign to change down a gear.

    This is all done from underneath the car of course. The equipment. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. To refill the gearbox takes 1. There is no clutch and you change gears via a sequential-style control on the centre console or a pair of steering column-mounted paddles. Keeping the gearbox on your Peugeot well-lubricated insures that it lasts for the life of the vehicle.

    There will be at least ml of oil clinging to the inside of the gearbox after draining what you can of the old oil anyway. Find out how much engine oil does your car need. Toyota crown hybrid. I use it manually but the auto change down under braking and decelerating has got lazy and it is sticking in too high a gear causing the warning alarm and yellow triangle to activate.

    It was under warranty, so it didn't incur any direct cost to me except time, fuel and toll. The following subjects are dealt with in this document: car should be straight. First off, get the car parked on a level surface, then the first job is to drain the oil from the gearbox sump, below is the sump and the drain plug at the bottom.

    Your stick shift works better when it's got fresh oil. The engine should be running when you check the transmission fluid dipstick on a Peugeot XT HDi 2. I can supply details of how to do it but ideally you do need a Peuegot diagnostic kit to reset the worn oil counter and to ensure the gearbox is at the right temperature when checking the level.

    The low end for an automatic transmission fluid change interval is around 30, miles a little under 50, km. In most cases the transmission will go into the downgraded mode, or limp home. These 'boxes have a habit of dying suddenly at high mileages. The service is initiated with flushing out the used oil under pressure and finishes with refilling the gearbox with fresh, new oil.

    This tutorial explains how to replace the gearbox oil of the auto. More than likely, like most automatic transmissions, yours does not have an oil plug. At , miles that transmission is running sweet. You won't harm your transmission by changing the oil more often than the manufacturer recommends. The EAT6 gearbox is designed and developed in collaboration with Aisin AW, a world leader in automatic gearbox technology.

    Thus it can be driven either by manually changing gears, without a clutch pedal, or automatically by The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The Peugeot does not come with a dipstick for measuring the amount of oil in the gearbox. The first thing to bear in mind is that over-doing it with automatic gearbox oil changes is never a bad thing. You can help prevent premature wear and other problems that commonly affect gearboxes by checking the gearbox oil.

    I have a Peugeot diesel miles on the clock im about to do a oil change should i use a engine flush to help clean inside the engine or will it make it worse and losen up all the black S T in the engine and maybe end up blocking something up inside Hi I have a Peugeot 2.

    Apologies if this is a double post but I can't see any sign of my original post. The manual does state you should change the gearbox oil but I haven't got a clue where to start, looking at the side of the transmission casing I an see two plugs that almost look like drain plugs is this something to do with them?

    The video shows how to change the gearbox oil in the gearbox of the car. Check in the car handbook which particular fluid should be used for your car.

    2003 Peugeot 307 SW - Owner's Manual (183 pages)

    We also offer a professional fitting service if required. A new or recon transmission is going to cost big money, so let's just check out a few things first. Mega Flush, Exchange and Condition All of our clutch and gearbox actuator repairs come with a Lifetime warranty. I have a 58 plate bipper hdi done , from new and the egc box has just started playing up.

    Basically it is a semi-automatic. It is only possible to change from one gear to another if the vehicle speed and engine speed permit; otherwise, the gearbox will operate temporarily in automatic mode.

    Here are some common symptoms of low transmission fluid. Hi there, I'm having trouble with my t reg peugeot automatic.

    Automatic transmission fluid ATF for cars Discover the best automatic transmission fluid ATF for your car ELF invested many years ago to have a deeper understanding of auto transmission fluids. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers oil types. The problem of an appallingly jerky gear change still with me. In this mode the transmission is locked in third speed to enable to continue the operation of the vehicle. Forums Peugeot owners club - info exchange, news, problem solving, modifying, performance, ICE, gallery, pictures, all models: gti xs xsi hdi gti gti, all engines turbo petrol diesels 1.

    When u speeding gear changes very smoothly. My gearbox on my cc has gone, still drives just about but struggles to get uphill and the car is driving like it doesn't know what gear its in over-revving, can't put into any gears? Replacement of electrovalves AL4 transmission fault code 6 If you have a Tip or Trick, some advice or you just want others to know something that is specific to the a Citroen C3 with an automatic gear-box , please, post it here. This gearbox has an oil wear counter and when the oil is so old the counter increments to a point where the snow and sport lights flash and the gearbox does strange things to protect the replacement of the Automatic gearbox oil every year.

    Manual or automatic, we have the replacement transmission parts for your Peugeot, from complete assemblies to torque converters, clutch parts, filters, and more.

    Is this normal? This is the first car i have driven with DSG gearbox. The warning sign disappeared within in seconds, then the car run as normal. However you can do it more often. The test car was the Peugeot SW Active 1. My mrs car has 70k and she drives it like its stolen.

    It is a model and has done 45K. It fills through the gearbox breather hole - pull off the black plastic cap and the pipe is clearly visible. I have to stop turn all off and start engine again to clear, not good when you are in fast lane of M25! This indicates a fault with the automatic gearbox and the vehicle should not be driven. If you have a semi-automatic sensodrive Peugeot or Citroen and are having transmission problems pointing towards a clutch actuator or gearbox actuator fault then give us a call today on I expected smooth changes as per fully automatic gearbox.

    EGC is a manual transmission that is controlled by state-of-the-art electronics. From what I remember, close to the drain hole is an inspection hole told by my Dad that gearboxes had this hole at the high-level mark of where the oil sits in order to be able to ensure that the gearbox hasn't been overfilled.

    Topping up with the wrong fluid can damage the transmission. Oil in Peugeot , and powered by EP6 engine must be changed once a year or every km. Peugeot Have noticed the gear changes are a bit jerky. Peugeot automatic: once a day my snow and ice lights appear in my gear show dial. I have the auto box in my 2. The problem cocnerns an '08 Peugeot and its gearbox, which from a quick web seach appears to be nothing new. I think the Proton mechanics screwed up the ATF changing process.

    Please note that the video is not in English, but you can follow along by watching the video and following the written instructions below. Searched for a solution but kept coming up with the inherent problems with Boxers and Ducatos of water getting into the gearbox because of the short length of pipe that is supposed to take the run off of water from the grills under the windshield wipers. Ultimately, the Gearbox is used to change the speed of the vehicle.

    Cause: I can't find the gearbox oil filler plug on my Pug 1. So let's get started.